Find Out About the Summer Flight Program

Utah State University’s Summer Flight Program is currently accepting applications for summer 2013. The summer flight program allows student’s 17 and older to earn their private pilot’s license in two months.

“The summer program gives the student a jump-start on the most important part of the Professional Pilot Bachelor’s degree, which is the flight training,” said Sean Heiner, chief flight instructor for USU’s aviation program.

According to Kaylee Roholt, academic advisor for aviation students, flying in the summer gives students opportunities they may not get during the fall or spring semester.

“They get their entire private license in two months,” Roholt said. “And everyday is the perfect day for flying.”

The program is also targeted to people who are interested in flying as a hobby.

“For those not planning a pilot career, the summer program is great because it allows an individual to complete all of the training requirements to receive a Private Pilot certificate as quickly as possible,” Heiner said.

The six-credit summer program is made up of three parts: ground school, flight training and study sessions. In private pilot ground school students will learn about the aircraft, weather, radio communications and more. The course will be taught weekdays from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Students will also be assigned a certified, USU flight instructor who will conduct in-flight training. Flight times will be arranged during the first week of class and students will be expected to fly Monday-Friday. Study sessions will also be offered to prepare students for exams.

“It’s a big time commitment,” said Jake Craig, a sophomore in the aviation program, “but it’s over quick and then you can move on to the next step.”

In addition to tuition and flight fees students will also be required to purchase a headset, books and a USU aviation polo shirt. Housing and financial aid options are available. For more information click here.


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